Five LumenWerx Products in the 2018 IES Progress Report!

In a first for our young company, we have placed five (count ‘em) products in this year’s IES Progress Report: Ory, InWalo, Hex, Togo, and Via Splash.

The Progress Report marks significant advances in lighting technology, so it’s a very well deserved tribute to the talent and effort of our product development team… and clear evidence of our commitment to innovation.

Here are just a few of the reasons, these innovative products made the list:

  • Ory enhances the effectiveness of indirect lighting from the compact luminaires typically used in lower ceilings, with industry-leading peak intensity at 110∞ and peak-to-zenith ratio of 2:1. Light guide optics provide the desired batwing distribution and a new standard for efficacy (118 LPW) in an indirect luminaire just 2.5″ wide x 1″ high.
  • InWalo achieves highest efficacy in a shallow, in-wall luminaire with 131 LPW, more than 50% better than closest alternative, while introducing tunable white lighting to this type of product. Simplified, clean in-wall mounting with a sliding drive box and continuous illumination around inside and outside corners enhance the appeal.
  • Hex is a unique hexagonal luminaire that uses LED arrays in combinations of all six sides to create 11 distinct light distributions and luminous compositions, with consistent output and appearance across all lighted sides. Hex also achieves very high efficacy of up to 135 LPW in a compact luminaire (less than 4″ profile) with multiple optical arrangements.
  • Togo advances the effectiveness of functional decorative lighting with a family of annular pendant and ADA-compliant wall luminaires with light output from 1800 to 9000 lumens; efficacy up to 122 LPW; wide spacing and color-changing capability. It’s the first annular pendant to offer power-over-cable suspension, with full control capability.
  • Via Splash brings an IP66 rating (wash down with strong jets of water) to our architecturally appropriate wet location linear system, adding valuable features such as 12’ housing modules for more economical installation and cartridge-mounted optics for simplified maintenance. Of course, Via Splash is now available with indirect/direct light distribution.