Lumenwerx is proud to be affiliated with a series of manufactures which share the objective of ensuring high quality and efficient luminaires. These partnerships elevate the existing high quality of our fixtures and unites lighting experts across the industry.


Connectivity is shifting the lighting industry from analog to digital. To facilitate the transition, LumenWerx partnered Enlighted to deliver embedded smart lighting solutions. Enlighted’s cutting edge technology transforms standard luminaires into IoT-compatible devices.


Lutron Electronics

Our partnership with Lutron electronics, has resulted in enhanced development in our lighting control systems. This partnership ensures transparency of lighting control: pricing, lead time and warranty to provide an exceptional relationship between a luminaries control and specifications.


Magnum Energy Solutions

Magnum is a pioneer in the development and deployment of innovative energy management solutions for both commercial and residential applications and to the OEM market. Their products and secure software platform allow for either turnkey or stand alone building retrofits, as well as the ability to interface with existing building automation systems.