This patent pending technology uses a die-cut aluminum wrap and multiple layers of sound-absorbing material to trap acoustic waves. Sound travels through the aluminum exterior into a sound absorbing core, resulting in a 30% increase in sound reduction compared to competing luminaires.


Widespread Indirect Optics (WIO)

Widespread Indirect Optics (WIO) - The LumenWerx Widespread Indirect Optic (WIO) uses two vertically oriented LED arrays that couple light into the edges of a linear light guide. A specially designed TIR/microstructure extracts light into the desired “batwing” distribution. Peak intensity hits at 120º while suppressing direct uplight. Peak-to-zenith intensity ratio is 2:1, outstanding for a narrow luminaire. The Widespread Indirect Optic produces noticeably smoother ceiling brightness than a typical lambertian uplight distribution, permitting generally wider spacing as well.



MINIATURE REFLECTOR OPTICS (MRO) locates individual, precisely molded TIR elements over each LED emitter, and further shield the source with precise parabolic reflectors. The controlled beam is remarkably comfortable – especially in a small LED luminaire. MRO is available in a specular black or gloss white finish and creates a distinctive visual texture. Different TIR elements offer a choice of beam spreads: narrow (18° with SC of 0.3), medium (35° with SC of 0.6), and wide (55° with SC of 0.9). These concentrated distributions can provide effective task illumination in a variety of applications.



Reduced Luminance Optic (RLO) consisting of indirect-mounted LED arrays illuminating vaulted reflector with matte white finish of 93% reflectivity. The ultra-shallow arrays in RLO completely conceal the light source while distributing brightness over entire cavity surface. Compared to diffusing optics, RLO reduces luminaire brightness because the visible interior surface is larger than the aperture.



Cartridge-mounted, linear LED arrays are paired with precisely formed specular and matte white reflectors for smooth light distribution. The LED array is protected by a clear acrylic cover. For maximum horizontal projection, the APO cartridge is angled 20º. This produces peak intensity at 110º above nadir and a peak-to-zenith intensity ratio of 11.8:1. Field angle coverage extends for 80º. For optimal beam spread, locate ALCove at least 8" below the ceiling.



The Lumenwerx Asymmetric Refractive Optic V. 2 (ARO2) has a directional Gaussian light distribution with peak intensity at 20º above nadir and 55º FWHM (Full Width at Half Maximum) beam angle. ARO2 uses a highly reflective finished reflector combined with a matte beam shaping diffusing film to create a smooth, effective downward component without shadows or hot spots. No external shielding is required. Microstructure material applied to the snap-in lens provides the precise refractive power and visual comfort, while achieving high luminous efficacy over 120 lumens per watt.



The LumenWerx Wallwash Refractive Optic V. 2 (WRO2) delivers smooth vertical illumination with a gentle gradient and soft visual cut off. With peak intensity at 21º above nadir, the precise WRO2 configuration creates a strong downward component without shadows or hot spots. No external shielding is required. Microstructure material applied to the snap-in lens provides the precise refractive power and visual comfort, while achieving high luminous efficacy of 133 lumens per watt.



Concentric Micro-Prism Optic (CMO) shielding of 0.12" thick acrylic with 94% transmission plus a high transmission diffusing overlay. Outer optic has smaller prisms; inner optic has larger prisms. The precisely formed pyramidal forms provide outstanding control of high-angle brightness and a gentle brightness gradient from different viewing angles.



Matte aluminum side reflectors combined with Precision Micro-Prism Optic (PMO) shielding of .12" thick acrylic with 94% transmission. Precisely formed pyramidal prisms with a 0.04" square base provide outstanding high-angle brightness control.


Compression Planar Optics (CPO)

To create the new LumenWerx Compression Planar Optic (CPO), a rigid frame holds the edge-lighted luminous plane into a soft curve with a precise radius. A graduated and finely textured extractive microstructure, combined with a contoured upper reflector, complete the optical system. When light is coupled in from the outboard LED arrays, the specific width and curvature of the optical plane redirect light into a soft-shouldered distribution. The result is a comfortable, high-efficiency optical system with superior luminous uniformity.



Fully integrated, ultra-slim Mikrodrive™ electronic package eliminates the need for the remote drivers typical of very small cross-section luminaires. Factory-adjustable drive current and universal (120-277V) voltage input.