Cluster Downlights

Clusters is the small, precise, and scalable system for downlighting. Based on a fundamental 1.2″ square cell, Clusters provides a fresh, crisp look at architectural lighting.

Clusters light in three dimensions. From a single cell, Clusters scale up to a linear or planar array and can be recessed, surface- or pendant-mounted. Using a narrow channel, linear Clusters can also install in combination with diffusers in a multi-function system.

Optically, each cell holds a single LED emitter with a choice of precise light distribution and subtle aperture treatments. Quiet and discreet, Clusters provides excellent visual cut off and a superior Unified Glare Rating (UGR) of 10. The Clusters family includes three different downlight optics, wall washers and adjustables.

Remarkably flexible, Clusters offers multiple trim, driver and installation options.