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Direct/Indirect, Direct

Togo provides generous ambient illumination from a minimal and elegant ring form. Nestled in a crisp 4" high opaque band, the distinctive, annular diffuser glows inwardly. The diffuser’s softly rounded compound curve lends Togo a slender appearance. Available in 18", 24", 36" and 48" diameters. Togo delivers efficient, widesoread, direct/indirect illumination (65/35) with spacing criteria of 1.6 and a range of light outputs. Togo’s outer housing of extruded aluminum is welded and buffed to a seamless band that can be painted in our nine standard finishes, or an RAL custom color, to coordinate with virtually any interior finish. The Togo driver mounts remotely, either above or below the ceiling. In addition to a conventional power cord, Togo also offers an ultra-clean mounting detail with integrated power and suspension cables. Controls include dimming to 1% in 0-10V, line voltage, and digital protocols. Night light and emergency circuiting are available. Togo supports the full range of ChromaWerx Sola, Duo, and Quadro options for tunable white and RGBW expressive color.


SIZE: 18", 24", 36", 48"



COLOR TEMPERATURE: 2700k, 3000k, 3500k, 4000k, 5000k, 6500k






UNIFORM EFFICIENCY LAMBERTIAN OPTIC (ULO) - thermoformed from impact-modified white PMMA, the ULO optic provides even luminosity, with up to 88% transmission. The tapered, compound curve minimizes the luminaire form. Combined with the LED array running around the inside of the supporting band, the annular form and ULO optic create a widespread 67% direct and 33% direct light distribution with spacing criteria of 1.6.


For more color options please consult factory.


Chromawerx Sola is single-channel control that dims output while warming the color temperature in a pre-determined relationship. A simple digital or analog control sends a common signal to dual output digital drivers, which are programmed to adjust a specially populated LED array to emulate the effect of dimming a filament source. Dimming range is programmable but the default option runs from 3500K at 100% of full power to 2700K at 5% of full power.

Chromawerx Duo is two-channel control. It uses analog or digital protocols for synchronous control of both warm and cool LED arrays, enabling the user to set color temperature and light output. Commonly called “tunable white”, Chromawerx two-channel control provides the range of warm (2700K) to cool (6500K) color that can be useful for helping to entrain circadian rhythms, stimulate alertness for improved educational and work productivity, and compensate for jet lag, among other applications. The Chromawerx drivers are programmed to limit maximum light output and power usage across all color temperatures.

Chromawerx Quadro is a four-channel control that operates an RGBW LED array and addresses the need for more expressive color in architectural applications. The DMX driver supports familiar programming tools for both dynamic multi-hued color and precise white color point control. While a typical user interface will be a DMX controller by others, Lumenwerx also offers a simple control station for stand-alone color changing applications.


PoE technology can be integrated into many of Lumenwerx’s lighting solutions and product families. For nodes, we always aim for complete integration, but when space is limited, we look for a remote solution that doesn’t compromise the design aesthetic. PoE can be integrated into 95% of our product offering, including our Chromawerx solutions. See PoE webpage