Introducing ChromaWerx – A simple and flexible way to tailor your space

You have surely been reading about tunable white lighting, circadian stimulus, circadian lighting, and the impact on alertness, sleep patterns, and much more. There’s a lot of talk about what we call ChromaWerx, dynamic lighting.

ChromaWerx is the simple, flexible, and cost effective approach to dynamic lighting in practical, architectural applications. A broad portfolio of color-changing luminaires, digital drivers, and easy-to-use controls, ChromaWerx makes dynamic lighting easy to apply.

Since our inception, simplicity, flexibility, and responsiveness have made LumenWerx products an appealing choice for classrooms, healthcare, and workspaces. Today, there’s growing interest in dynamic lighting strategies for productivity and wellbeing in these very same applications. Now, we can offer dynamic solutions in these applications, with tunable white, as well as saturated color.

Here’s what distinguishes ChromaWerx:

1. Flexibility in luminaire choice. We offer ChromaWerx in 17 different luminaire families, over 180 choices (excluding light output, electrical, and finish options)! No need to limit lighting design for lack of the appropriate luminaire!

2. Flexibility in lighting effect. We offer the three dynamic effects the market is looking for:

DUO provides independent control of intensity and color, for the most popular tunable white solutions.

SOLA dims white light to a warmer tone, particularly useful for architectural lighting in hospitality and social spaces.

QUADRO combines white light and saturated color for dramatic, theatrical effects.

3. Simplicity in control. You can control ChromaWerx with typical third-party systems or with our own easy-to-use controllers. We make it easy.