Lumenwerx expands Ubik Family for a complete lighting offering

Meet Ubik Troffer, Ubik Perimeter, and Ubik Cube Pendant, the recent additions to the Ubik family that solidify its status as a complete lighting collection, with each luminaire able to work independently or as part of a cohesive whole united by the distinct elegance and high performance for which Ubik has quickly become well-known.

The first Ubik fixtures were launched in 2020 to offer sleek and sophisticated lighting options for interior spaces, and the 2021 newcomers follow suit. Ubik Troffer, available in 1X1 and 2X2 sizes, provides visual comfort with low-glare dual optical chamber performance, a center channel featuring parabolic louvers, available in matte white or matte silver, and side lenses providing indirect, reflected, soft diffused distribution using our in-house Tri-Flect technology. Our Ubik Troffer also has the optional and unique feature of a two-circuit control, one for the parabolic louvers in the center channel, the other for the side lenses.

Meanwhile, Ubik Perimeter, designed with a 2″ aperture delivers subtle, low-glare illumination in level, shallow, and deep recessed arrangements with either parabolic louvers or HLO (High-Efficiency Lambertian Optic), and the Ubik Cube pendant delivers exceptional performance and versatility with HLO, parabolic louver, or wall wash optics.

Be sure to consult the online brochure for more information.