Meet Folia and Arq, the newest Acoustix product lines

Inspired by nature and environmentally sound, meet Folia and Arq, the latest additions to Lumenwerx’s Acoustix family of luminaires integrated with sound absorbing technology.

Folia Acoustix

The four pendants that make up the Folia Acoustix product line—Folia Bellis, Folia Calla, Folia Calla Shallow, and Folia Dahlia—are composed of numerous layers of sound absorbing felt created from recycled bottles. Graced with an esthetic inspired by the shapes and forms of the botanical world, the voluminous fixtures not only deliver quality illumination and reduce sound reverberation, but they are also decorative features in their own right (the felt is available in 10 standard and 19 premium colors). Unlit against a daytime backdrop, the lights appear as visually rich sculptural mobiles, but come nighttime, the dynamic fixtures transform into glowing celestial bodies.
Folia Acoustix luminaires are equipped with the Uniform Lambertian Optic (ULO) for soft, generous outward or outward/inward light distribution and are available in 24″, 36″ and 48″ diameters.

Arq Acoustix

A prominent feature of the three pendants that compose our Arq Acoustix product line—Arq Globe, Arq Flair, and Arq Aera—is their arc-shaped shade. Made of the same felt used by Folia, the shade is available in four inner/outer color combinations and not only absorbs sound and reduces reverberation, but also exudes warmth and adds a tactile dimension to the lighting experience. Each Arq Acoustix model represents a variation on the arc-shaped leitmotif: Arq Globe exudes vintage vibes with its exposed bulbous Globe light; Arq Flair incorporates a cylindrical diffuser for a contemporary look and feel; and Arq Aera combines Aera downlight performance with acoustic pendant esthetics.
Arq Acoustix luminaires are available in 24″ diameters. Arq Globe makes use of the patent-pending Isotropic Radiant Optic™ (IRO™), which distributes light smoothly and evenly in all directions. The Arq Flair uses an artistic diffuser for soft-glowing direct or direct/indirect distribution, while the Arq Aera benefits from Lumenwerx’s XPoint™ Refraction Technology, offering direct or direct/indirect distribution with precise optical control.

Reducing noise and landfill pollution

Lumenwerx Acoustix luminaires are made with sound absorbing textiles created from recycled plastic bottles. Extending the life of these materials means reducing landfill pollution, which can threaten not only human health, but that of the environment as well. For more information, visit the Folia Acoustix and Arq Acoustix webpages.