No Plenum Room? No Problem!

Introducing Shalo, the elegant solution for a shallow plenum. With a depth of merely 1.75″ – Shalo fits within the height of a typical ceiling grid and yet provides a uniform luminous appearance without LED pixilation. The key is our design of side-mounted LED arrays, coupled to an optical-grade acrylic light guide engraved with micro-structure optics.

Light output options range from 500-1200 lumens per foot, with efficacy up to 117 lumens per watt. Tight binning assures a high quality of light color; both 80 and 90 CRI is available.

The onboard driver and cartridge-mounted optics make Shalo practical, as well as attractive. All standard electrical options, including integrated sensors, are available. And, service is performed from below without access to the ceiling plenum.

Shalo fits a variety of grid ceilings, including Armstrong TECHZONE™ and USG ceilings, T-bar spacing for 9/16″ runners is 4″. The lens sits flush with both flat and tegular ceiling tiles. Shalo can also install in drywall ceilings, vertically in walls, and patterns with corners from wall to ceiling.

Shalo is the elegant approach to narrow T-bar and slot grid ceilings, where runners are precisely 4″ on center, and there is no gap between the runner and the housing. Although Shalo is only 1.75″ deep, allow at least 5″ of plenum depth for comfortable installation. Finally, Shalo matches up in width with Via 3 pendants and perimeter luminaires for a coordinated installation.