Please welcome the newest member of the LumenWerx product portfolio: POP

Enliven a space with bright, colorful, and efficient POP luminaires. POP is lighting to look at . . . as well as to see by. POP luminaires offer choice of shape, size, color, and mounting options. With POP, you can easily scale and locate luminaires to fit the design of the space.
POP is available as a round or square form; for pendant, surface, or recessed mounting. Light output from 600 to 18,000 lumens, depending on the fixture size. Light output options are calibrated so that luminaires of the different sizes can present the same luminous appearance.
Functionally, POP provides a comfortable, diffuse, and efficient general illumination suitable for working, social and circulation spaces . . . together with the control capabilities required for today’s construction. In addition to fixed white light in 3000, 3500, 4000, and 5000K, POP will offer a tunable white capability within this range, adjustable from a simple wall controller. Tunable white will be available in the second quoter of 2016.