Revo: the task luminaire that’s easy on your eyes

The Revo direct/indirect pendant offers a fresh interpretation of a classic shape, both attractive and functional.

Just 2 3/8″ in diameter, Revo delivers precise and well shielded illumination to task surfaces, such as counters, desks and conference tables. Miniature, low brightness reflectors and onboard MikroDrive™ electronics achieve Revo’s small scale. Revo can be used as an individual luminaire or combined into continuous runs.

Miniature Reflector Optic – MRO

The Miniature Reflector Optic, LumenWerx developed specifically for the Revo pendant, creates intriguing visual texture as well as very comfortable brightness.

Precisely molded TIR elements located over each LED emitter combine with crisp parabolic louvers to create exceptionally well controlled illumination.

Unlike typical diffuser and prismatic optics, MRO offers a choice of narrow, medium, and wide downlight beams. The downlight MRO can be paired with a simple uplight optic, creating a comfortable and distinctive direct/indirect luminaire with a total of six light distribution options.

The combination of good looks and visual comfort make Revo easy on the eyes. All supporting documentation is now available on our web site.