Say hello to MEDIUS… A compact profile with compelling performance

Within its compact 1 15/16″ x 4 ¾” profile, Medius supports a choice of outstanding optics for high performance direct and direct/indirect lighting and a host of features.

• Matte and specular parabolic louvers

• Miniature Reflector Optic in three beam spreads

• High efficiency lambertian diffuser

• Widespread indirect optic

• ChromaWerx Duo and Sola

• Integral driver & emergency option

• Continuous runs

• Sliding cable option

• Full range of electrical options

• Up to 7000 lumens per 4′

• Up to 116 LPW

As you can see, Medius shares its optics with Squero, delivering the same performance, including very comfortable UGR. Notice, too, that the MRO optics pair nicely with Clusters.

Glare has – once again – become a pressing issue and is getting a lot of play in the design community. Our brochure says it succinctly, “The downlight from compact LED luminaires presents significant challenges of discomfort glare in general lighting applications.” Medius with its crisp, rectangular profile offers a timely and aesthetically pleasing response.

So, of course, the Medius brochure picks up our visual comfort table that compares UGR and other photometric parameters across the various optical offerings. It’s a useful way to focus the conversation.

New with Medius, and made possible by the rectangular form factor, is the yoke-mount cable suspension, which can slide horizontally to provide flexible mounting points. Flexible yoke mounting greatly simplifies installation in ceiling conditions that do not accommodate modular suspension points.

Medius brings to mind a familiar truth: a simple-looking form can house a sophisticated luminaire. Check it out!