Shining a new light on patient care: introducing CURA & RIZE

Lumenwerx is pleased to announce two new products specifically designed for healthcare environments: CURA and RIZE.

Developed following consultations with medical professionals, both offer multi-mode lighting options to promote patient wellness and support the work of doctors, nurses and other medical personnel.

Why choose CURA or RIZE?

  • Small and compact without compromising performance
  • Multi-mode functions
  • Easy-to-clean unit with antimicrobial finish
  • Multiple control options
  • Human centric lighting
  • Tunable white: Chromawerx Sola or Duo
  • Biologically optimized lighting

What’s more, both products offer innovative engineering and premium optics.


  • 9600 max. lumen output
  • Up to 95 lm/W
  • <10 UGR
  • L90 at >60 000 hrs
  • ANSI-IES RP 29-16 compliance


  • 14,600 max. lumen output
  • Up to 92 lm/W efficacy
  • L90 at > 60 000 hrs
  • ANSI-IES RP 29-16 compliance

The result of an exciting collaboration between medical and lighting professionals, the launch of CURA and RIZE marks our growth into the continually evolving healthcare segment. Stay tuned for new products in the future!