This is Hemi, from Lumenwerx

Lumenwerx is pleased to launch Hemi, a flexible, dynamic line of hemisphere-shaped recessed downlights that proposes a new type of offering to the lighting industry. With rotational capabilities reaching 355 degrees, a tilt of up to 45 degrees from vertical, and aiming magnetically held in place, Hemi luminaires deliver a vast range of precisely positioned solutions for both task and ambient requirements.

Modules in the mix

Hemi was cleverly designed to accommodate one or two light modules per luminaire and one soft ambient option. This allows for numerous mixing and matching configurations, which can be controlled as a collective unit or as independent separate circuits.

In-house innovations

Hemi features include the proprietary Hyflex™ optic system, the proprietary PCF™ (Passive Cooling Fusion) technology, and white light tuning capabilities and color play through Chromawerx, Lumenwerx’s portfolio of color-changing luminaires, digital drivers, and easy-to-use controls. Hemi is the most recent of a long line-up of high-quality luminaire families from Lumenwerx, each of which has been crafted with care, enthusiasm, and expertise from the ground up.