Add a Third Dimension to Linear Lighting

Shalo Vee and Shalo Trapezoid now add a third dimension – volume – to recessed linear lighting, offering a crisp design detail to refresh those familiar lines of light!

With distinctively inverted optics rising 1″ above the ceiling plane, Shalo V/T (for short) creates just enough visual texture to enliven a wide range of interior spaces.

An elegent solution to your plenum problem

Shalo V/T takes advantage of both the construction and sophisticated light guide optics introduced with our original Shalo-S. So, with Shalo V/T you can add visual interest to spaces with minimal plenum depth.

  • Inverted diffuser and light guide with micro-structure eliminates pixilation
  • Choice of Vee- or Trapezoid-shaped Lambertian Optic
  • 2.75″ deep, IC-rated housing fits shallow plenum conditions
  • Efficacy up to 107 LPW
  • Output up to 1200 lumens per foot
  • Integrated driver and cartridge-mounted light engine for easy maintenance
  • Fits variety of grid ceilings with runners 4″ O.C., including TECHZONE™ & USG
  • Discrete luminaires, continuous runs of uninterrupted light or patterns
  • Full range of electrical options, including networked controls

You can download our new Shalo V/T brochure, specification sheets, and the complete documentation at