Clusters. Smaller is now Bigger…..much BIGGER

We are pleased to announce the latest addition to our fast growing – and fast selling – Clusters family.

We previewed our expanded family at LEDucation with enthusiastic response from designers. Optically sophisticated and aesthetically elegant, Clusters is clearly the most outstanding collection of miniature downlights available today!

Explore the possibilities
• New parabolic louvers in four finishes.
• Combinations in 1.5″ wide linear forms.
• Adjustable with two-way 30º tilt.
• Refined aesthetic details,
• Surface and pendant cuboid forms
• Optional conduit feed
• On-line 32-page full-color brochure
• 24 fully detailed specification sheets
• Detailed photometry
• Exciting Sample Kit

Parabolic louvers
Fresh texture and high performance make our new parabolic louvers the star of the show. Available in specular, matte, white and black finishes, the parabolic louver provides a wider beam spread than either soft-edge or sharp-edge optics, while achieving a UGR of 10! In addition to all linear configurations, parabolic louvers come in 2×2 and 3×3 planar forms, adjustable, surface and pendant cuboids.

Cluster Combinations
Using a 1.5″ wide extruded aluminum channel, you can combine any linear Clusters optics to form custom continuous luminaires with integral drivers. Combinations are available for pendant, and recessed mounting (with various ceiling trim details). For all other mountings consult the factory.

Completely redesigned, the new linear adjustable tilts up to 30º in either direction. The housing incorporates eight optics: parabolic, soft-edge and sharp-edge (three beam spreads each), and wall wash.

Elegant Aesthetics
Both soft-edge and sharp-edge optics now incorporate conical and hyperbolic lower reflectors, in addition to the familiar square form. The hyperbolic reflector flares from a circle to a square; the conical reflector is seated in a faceplate, with a choice of consistent or contrasting finish

Cluster Cuboids
That’s a nifty word for a three-dimensional rectangular form. Cuboids incorporate both linear and planar downlight optics, as well as wall washers. Cuboids can be surface and pendant mounted with integral, remote, or canopy drivers. Surface conduit mounting enables installation in concrete or other solid ceilings.