EchoCore™ – Precision acoustic technology

Lumenwerx is pleased to announce the launch of EchoCore™, a technology now available in selected Lumenwerx Audia, Pop, and Aera acoustic luminaires that are significantly more effective than their traditional felt counterparts are at absorbing sound waves.

The Lumenwerx Audia, Pop, and Aera EchoCore™ acoustic fixtures are available with standard, premium, and custom options, along with a variety of features and functionalities, including:

• Circadian, tunable white, RGB+W
• Pendant, Surface, and Recessed
• Linear, Round, and Square
• 5 patterns + custom
• Up to 4 ft in diameter and 12 ft in length


Form follows function

EchoCore™ technology applies the science of Helmholtz resonance principles to the practice of acoustic lighting, taking the form of a die-cut aluminum lattice and multiple layers of a fibrous, sound-absorbing core material.

When sound waves meet a lighting fixture equipped with EchoCore™ technology, they pass through its lattice and then are trapped by its core, resulting in the reduction of echo and reverberation in the luminaire’s immediate environment.

EchoCore™- enabled luminaires are 30% more effective than traditional felt-fitted acoustic fixtures are at reducing sound.


Pattern, Design, and Define

The Audia, Pop, and Aera EchoCore™ acoustic luminaires not only address the problem of excess noise, but they also open up the possibilities to design and to define any interior space requiring superior acoustic control. With five lattice patterns (round, square, linear, cubic, and scalloped), and numerous finish and color options, the Audia, Pop, and Aera EchoCore™ acoustic fixtures exemplify how a new technology can be the impetus to propel the imagination in all kinds of exciting creative directions.