Aera Flex and Aera Inflex – The Latest Aera Cylinders

Lumenwerx is delighted to unveil Aera Flex and Aera Inflex, the latest cylindrical additions to the sophisticated Aera family of luminaires. While they maintain Aera’s signature clean lines and refined proportions, they are the first Aera cylinders to offer directional adjustability. As such, they enrich the Aera cylinder collection with added versatility, delivering solutions for countless applications—from task lighting to creating the perfect ambiance to highlighting artwork to featuring design elements, and much more—with dexterity and finesse.

Aera Flex Cylinder

The Aera Flex Cylinder is designed to tilt up to 90 degrees and rotate 355 degrees. Consequently, the luminaire’s placement and positioning reflect the direction and angle at which its light beam will travel. Available in 3″ diameter and 4.5″ and 6″ heights, Aera Flex is mountable as a recessed, surface, pendant, or wall fixture.

Aera Inflex Cylinder

The Aera Inflex Cylinder is also adjustable but internally—its optic unit can be tilted up to 35 degrees and rotated up to 355 degrees while its cylindrical housing remains in a fixed position. Available in 3″ and 4″ diameters and in 8″ and 12″ heights, Aera Inflex is mountable as a pendant or surface fixture.

HIgh-Quality Optic

As with most of the Aera product line, both Aera Flex and Aera Inflex are equipped with XPoint™ Refraction Technology, which creates soft-lit, visually comfortable environments. This in-house lensing innovation uses micro-optical paths that direct the light beams emitted from the COB (Chip On Board) to intersect and disperse light in a precise direction for each beam angle. XPoint™ Refraction Technology enables excellent performance and delivers zero spill light when illumination exits the cylinder.

For more information, view the product pages for the Aera Flex Cylinder and Aera Inflex Cylinder.