Hex, a new and distinctive, flexible six-sided luminaire for creative designs

With HEX, you can select from eleven standard configurations of one-to-four luminous cells (four configurations for wall mounting) that provide various light distributions, including ultra-widespread and all around effects.

Cell configuration – number and location – determines both light distribution and light output. Each cell is illuminated by its own LED array with consistent light output and brightness across all cells. Our standard configurations are fully engineered. If a designer needs something different, don’t hesitate to ask.

The 2″ wide panels – luminous and opaque – snap into the core armature providing nearly seamless transition from cell to cell, as well as access to LED arrays and driver. Cast end caps support suspension cables and assure crisp detailing. Hex is available in sections from 2′ to 8′, and can be installed as a discrete luminaire or continuous run.

• Distinctive hexagonal profile
• 2″ wide cells
• 3.4″ H x 3.4″ W
• Choice of 1-4 luminous cells
• 11 standard cell configurations
• 200-1200 lumens per foot
• Up to 135 LPW
• Multiple control options

Unlike traditional specification sheets, all Hex pendant configurations and options are documented on a single, interactive document. Hex wall is done the same way. These specification sheets are available now, and samples can be ordered.

Hex Wall mounts vertically or horizontally with 2 luminous cells available in 4 configurations. All configurations satisfy ADA. All serviceable components can be accessed through the luminaire.