Improvements to Via Perimeter and Via Skim

We have made a couple of significant improvements to our Via offerings for wall lighting applications. You now have a choice of three treatments for drywall conditions: Trimless (original), Trim, and Mud Flange (both new). The new drywall options are available for both Via Perimeter and Via Skim in all sizes.

Trim – The Trim option covers the cut edge of the drywall with an overlapping flange.

Mud Flange – The Mud Flange option provides a seamless transition to the ceiling.

Trimless – The Trimless option butts up to a ceiling that has a clean, uniform edge (drywall bead or applied tile, for example).

Additionally, we have redesigned the telescoping module. There is now +/- 7″ of adjustment (more than previously), and the ceiling flange matches the standard extruded aluminum detail. The installer cuts the adjustable sleeve to size on the job and fits it to the rest of the fixture. The new installation sheets and video on our website make installation simple.