Lumenwerx expands its cylinder lighting portfolio

Lumenwerx is pleased to introduce three new product lines—the Flair Cylinder family, Aera 4″ Seal Cylinder, and Aera 5″ Cylinder. Rounding out the company’s popular cylinder and cuboid offering, which includes luminaires from the illustrious Voilà, Aera, and Cluster families, as well as our Dot and Box fixtures, these additions offer innovative solutions that are as powerful as they are stylish.

The decorative Flair Cylinder family consists of the Flair Sleeve, Flair Diffuser, and Flair Glow Ring, a trio offering quality illumination and variations on a clean modernist look. Celebrating the essential geometric form of the cylinder unadorned and elegantly proportioned is the Flair Sleeve. The Flair Diffuser integrates a diffuser on one or both ends of the cylinder for a tailored, sophisticated finish. The Flair Glow Ring channels a slightly more streamlined vibe with its sleek glow ring detail.

With the Aera 4″ Seal Cylinder, Lumenwerx has taken the smooth contours and performance assets of its successful Aera family to wet locations and outdoor environments. And just like its indoor counterpart, the Aera 4″ Cylinder, the Aera 4″ Seal Cylinder provides outstanding luminous efficacy despite its delicate profile and delivers lighting that’s visually comfortable with minimal glare.

Lastly, the Aera 5″ Cylinder brings the Lumenwerx portfolio to new heights, literally, as the widest, brightest, and most powerful cylinder fixture in the Aera family, perfect for high-ceiling applications. For more information, consult the Cylinders brochure.