Lumenwerx introduces two new product lines: Elia and Tab

Lumenwerx is happy to announce the addition of two new luminaire families that further complete the company’s comprehensive and continuously growing product offering.


Inside and Out

Meet Elia, a line of decorative luminaires that offers a variety of pendant lighting solutions distinguished by their simultaneous inward and outward distribution from four housing shapes—round, square, rectangle, oval—as well as two multiple-shape luminaires.

Functioning as statement pieces, focal points, and/or style enhancers, Elia fixtures are hard to miss. They enrich their environments with sumptuous volumes of light, creating luminous spaces that are, at once, unique and esthetically pleasing. Visit for details.


A sliver of sound absorption and light

At just 0.7 inches (18 mm) in width, Tab is the slimmest family in the Lumenwerx Acoustix portfolio. Available in several lengths, heights, and colors, Tab was designed for a myriad of acoustic lighting applications, from creating a playful environment with a visual collage of different Tab models to sticking to a more traditional and clean approach with identical Tab fixtures mounted in parallel sequence. Also, Tab’s top rounded corners help to soften the esthetic of any space, a thoughtful detail that nicely complements the sound-dampening function of the acoustic luminaire.