Lumenwerx presents its Forma collection

Geometry takes shape

Three bold, geometric pendant fixtures—the Caret, Tote, and Cupola—make up the first group of luminaires to be launched from Lumenwerx’s new Forma line, and all three have been designed with a sophisticated simplicity that appeals to our basic human impulse for all things ordered, harmonious, and proportional. Available in various sizes, color temperatures, and color finishes, the trio is versatile, with each luminaire easy to visualize within a wide variety of lighting plans and applications. The Tote model, in particular, offers an uplight/indirect component to provide a soft ambient glow to the illumination.


In-house expertise

The Forma Caret, Tote, and Cupola illuminate with exceptional visual comfort thanks to our High-Efficiency Lambertian Optic (HLO), a thermoformed diffusing acrylic lens that delivers excellent light source obscuration values.
The new fixtures also feature our Unity Pointed (UP) technology, which allows for luminaires of different shapes and sizes within the same lumen output to emit identical luminous intensity values precisely measurable down to the square inch.