Parabolic Louvers for Squero: New Optics, New Look

Louvers are back. But not your father’s parabolics, no way.
Squero’s new parabolic louver is elegantly compact – less than 2″ across – with jewel-like finishes, high efficacy, and tunable white capability. And, of course, the louver provides outstanding visual comfort, excellent UGR, and a pleasing, crisp visual texture.
Custom-engineered for high efficiency and smooth distribution, our new parabolic louvers make Squero even more flexible and attractive!

  • Specular and matte finishes
  • Shielding: 50º lengthwise and 45º cross wise
  • Outstanding visual comfort: UGR < 13
  • Efficacy up to 116 LPW
  • Spacing Criterion: 1.1
  • Direct, Direct/Indirect, and Combination configurations
  • Available with ChromaWerx
  • 350-1000 lumens per foot
  • All standard Squero options

The precisely molded louvers consist of 1″ deep blades and side reflectors with deep shielding. The parabolic contour of the blades and side reflectors direct light into a comfortable downlight distribution, while minimizing shadows from the LED array above each cell.
The specular louver finish provides higher efficacy, sharper cut-off, and an ultra-quiet appearance at shallow viewing angles. The matte louver finish offers a softer appearance, a wider beam spread, and gentle brightness transition at cut-off.