Squero – A multi textured lighting system

Squero brings new style and textures to linear lighting systems: a crisp profile, multiple mounting options, distinctive optics, and the ability to arrange those optics in custom combinations.

Under 2″ wide, Squero offers a variety of visual textures, both in the appearance of the luminaire an in the quality of the light itself.

Squero is highly flexible and installs in various ceiling types, in walls, and as pendants; as discrete luminaires or in continuous runs; and in patterns with both level and inside corners.

Squero offers three distinctive optics for direct illumination: miniature reflector, baffle, and diffuser. Each optic provides a distinctive luminous presence, or texture, as well as photometric performance.

Of course, you recognize the Miniature Reflector Optic (MRO) from our Revo release last November.

The Baffle Optic (BFO), new with Squero, pairs a high-transmission overlay with a finely textured baffle to provide enhanced shielding compared to standard diffusers.

For indirect illumination, Squero provides our Widespread Indirect Optic (WIO), which we just added to Via 2, 3, and 4.


Any of these optics can be combined in a single luminaire, together with an adjustable accent module. These Squero Combinations bring new style and flexibility to linear lighting systems, creating richly layered lighting effects, as well a visual rhythm and texture.

You will find complete documentation, including a 16-page brochure, at