The Ecana Family: The Powerful Balance of Form and Function

Lumenwerx is delighted to launch Ecana, a family of downlights embodying a philosophy that celebrates the simplicity of minimalist design artfully integrated with the most advanced optical system on the market.

Ecana fixtures are refined and versatile. Their streamlined, uncomplicated forms allow for their seamless integration into diverse interior environments. At their core, they feature the proprietary XPoint™ Refraction Technology, the sophisticated and state-of-the-art optical system that employs intersecting micro-optical paths to ensure the emission of precise, soft, and visually comfortable illumination with zero light spill.


Ecana downlights are designed with clean lines and a focus on the essential elements of lighting. They are available as round and square fixtures in sizes of 3″, 4″, and 6″, and in fixed, adjustable, and wall wash models. Different accessories, subtle trim styles, and color temperature control options provide for addressing a diverse range of applications with practical and refined lighting solutions.

Ecana’s adjustable fixtures, in particular, offer expanded design possibilities by allowing precise control over the direction of light. This flexibility facilitates the creation of layered lighting designs and makes it easier to adapt to changing environments, such as alterations in spatial arrangements or furniture layouts.

The 3″ and 4″ models boast an integrated sliding mechanism for tilt and rotation adjustments. Meanwhile, 6″ fixtures feature a fast-thread design enabling quick tilting and locking of the tilt angle in place with a screwdriver. The 6″ fixtures can be rotated by hand to the desired degree using practical angle indicators.


Ecana downlights are available for New Construction and Remodel projects to cover typical installation requirements. The family offers four mounting bar options: standard bar hangers, commercial bar hangers, flush mount bars, and hat channel bars, all adjustable to address a variety of applications.

The Ecana family achieves a harmonious balance between form and function, ensuring industry-leading performance and quality that enriches any environment. For more information, consult the Ecana brochure.