Via Wall Wash and Asymmetric – Upgraded!

Our new Generation-2 luminaires feature microstructure lenses that replace traditional sloped optics and kick-reflectors. The result: smoother illumination, cleaner appearance, and 50-60% higher efficacy!

Cleaner Appearance

In these new Version 2 luminaires, we have replaced the angled optical cartridge with our new microstructure lens.

Both the WRO and ARO optics sit flush to the bottom of the luminaire, completely concealing the interior and providing a quiet ceiling plane. Installed appearance matches Via direct and direct/indirect luminaires.

Smoother Illumination

The Asymmetric Refractor Optic V. 2 (ARO2) uses an overlay to adjust the distribution, providing both room- and wall-side distributions.

The Wall Wash Refractor Optic V. 2 (WRO2) delivers peak intensity at 21 degrees from vertical and maintains a gentle gradient up and down the wall, with average-to-minimum illumination of 2.4:1.

60% higher Efficacy – up to 125 Lumens per Watt

The Version 2 Wall Wash and Asymmetric, with our new generation of linear LED arrays, now achieve over 125 lumens per watt in our 2″ model, with corresponding performance for 3″, 4″ and 5″ versions. This improvement translates into a substantial savings of over two watts per linear foot (medium output).

Of course, the rest of the Via features continue: broad ceiling compatibility, clean installation, full electrical and control options, and a choice of color, both CCT and CRI.

If you need old style product to complete a project, please let us know. Otherwise, starting today we will be filling orders with the revised style. New documentation is available on our web site.