Visual comfort is back in fashion

With the efficacy of LED luminaires now well established, glare has once again become a pressing concern for specifiers.

The brand new LumenWerx Cava-T addresses this issue with a pleasant canopy of gentle luminescence, that is both visually comfortable and distinctive. Notwithstanding its elegant appearance, Cava-T serves well in everyday workspaces, as well as special areas, such as reception, conference rooms, and executive offices. High reflectivity materials and advanced LED emitters achieve efficacies up to 118 lumens per watt. LED arrays and driver are both serviceable from below. Cava-T is available in 1×4 and 2×2 modules and a variety of ceiling configurations.

To achieve low surface brightness, Cava-T utilizes the LumenWerx Reduced Luminance Optic (RLO) with fully shielded LED arrays.  Side reflectors of semi-specular aluminum distribute light from vertically mounted LED arrays, while the exposed upper reflector of matte white painted aluminum provides the gently luminous surface.