Walo – Bands of light that define and delineate

WALO is a linear luminaire that casts light to either side, reflecting off of the adjacent surface. The resulting parallel bands of brightness – whether up-and-down or side-to-side – define and delineate walls and pathways.
WALO is compact, projecting just 2 ½” from wall or ceiling. A 4 ½” fascia and chamfered sides return light to the mounting surface and minimize the direct brightness from the luminaire.
WALO can be used individually or in patterns, installing vertically or horizontally on walls and on ceilings. Lighted joiner elements enable WALO to turn inside and outside corners. A full range of light output, color, and electrical options makes WALO a practical approach for lighting circulation areas.
If you are looking for a new take on linear lighting, WALO is waiting for you.