Widespread Indirect Optics

To achieve widespread indirect light distribution from an attractively narrow luminaire presents a serious optical challenge. The LumenWerx Widespread Indirect Optic (WIO) overcomes the challenge with two vertically oriented LED arrays, coupled into the edges of a linear light guide. A nanostructure surface extracts light into the desired “batwing” distribution.

Peak intensity hits at 120° and the peak-to-zenith intensity ratio is 2:1 or better. Compare WIO to the conventional “lambertian” distribution with peak intensity at 180° and peak-to-zenith at 1:1. With its batwing distribution, WIO produces noticeably smoother ceiling brightness than a typical lambertian uplight distribution, permitting generally wider spacing as well.

Smooth ceiling brightness – the key feature of WIO – delivers two key benefits in application: improved task visibility and visual comfort. Check out our Widespread Indirect Optics brochure at for a discussion of measuring ceiling uniformity and photometric comparisons. Full documentation is, of course, also available.

The Via Widespread Indirect Optic is available on Via 2, 3 and 4 pendants in indirect configurations and Via 2 and 4 in Indirect/Direct configurations. Individual luminaires and continuous runs are all available. We will continue to offer the standard uplight distribution, as well as WIO. Widespread Indirect Optics are supported by dedicated specification sheets.

Stay tuned… Via WIO is also available with ChromaWerx (no pun… well, maybe)! You can use ChromaWerx Sola for synchronized control of color and output or ChromaWerx Duo for independent control.