Widespread Optics in a Remarkably Compact Luminaire

Imagine: a luminaire just 1″ high x 2.5″ wide. It’s our new Ory, and it appears to float effortlessly. A remote driver accessible through the suspension canopy (for Drywall only), provides power. Offering widespread energy efficient lighting from a compact luminaire, Ory is remarkable indeed.

Widespread Indirect Optic (WIO)

With the LumenWerx Widespread Indirect Optic (WIO), Ory delivers peak intensity at 110º while suppressing direct uplight for a peak-to-zenith ratio of 2:1. Ory’s superior performance produces noticeably smoother ceiling brightness than a typical lambertian uplight distribution, permitting generally wider spacing as well. With luminous efficacy up to 118 LPW, Ory is no photometric lightweight, either.

Ory is available as an indirect pendant, an indirect asymmetric wall luminaire (ADA compliant), and indirect pendant patterns. And, consider Ory with one our new Madura wood-tone finishes. Imagine . . .