Arro adds the triangular prism to the Lumenwerx arsenal of lighting solutions

Visual interest and versatility come together in Arro, Lumenwerx’s new family of pendants easily recognizable by their triangular prism form. Offered in compact 2″ and 4″ widths, each Arro fixture is equipped with the proprietary High-Efficiency Lambertian Optic (HLO) providing Direct or Direct/Indirect light distribution at up to an impressive 119 lm/W.

Arro’s design encourages play. Not only can Arro fixtures be installed as continuous linear runs, but they can also be joined to form patterns, simultaneously acting as both architectural and decorative elements. Also fun are Arro’s pre-assembled triangle, rectangle, square, and x and y spoke forms shipped directly from factory, with custom sizes of these shapes also available.

Arrow 4 Acoustix
For noise control, the Arro 4 Acoustix luminaire is fitted with sound-absorbing material. Offered in a range of colors, Arro 4 Acoustix reinforces the family’s appeal as good-looking and efficient lighting solutions. Adaptable to a wide variety of applications, Arro 4 Acoustix helps to dampen reverberation in a room.

Arro family brochure

Arro 2
Arro 4
Arro 4 Acoustix